The ESI is a weighted index, combining components of two well-recognized screening tests proven to directly correlate with job performance. These tests are compliant with national standards and have been applied in business and industry for over 65 years.

We measure problem-solving abilities and personality factors that predict on-the-job success, so hiring managers get various assessments in one reliable employability score.


No contracts or recurring fees. Pay only
when you receive a report.


Getting the right person means reduced
absenteeism, no wasted training and higher
productivity to boost your bottom line. In fact,
pre-screened candidates are typically 9% more
productive than the average employee.


Hiring the wrong person can result in:
✦ Unplanned costs and turnover
✦ Low productivity
✦ Wasted time and resources
✦ Legal problems
✦ Poor team dynamics

Studies show that turnover costs are more
than 30% of the average employee’s salary.
ESI screening results in reduced turnover
and lower costs..

For one low price per candidate, ProSelect’s
patented ESI provides:
✦ Easy, fast online access
✦ 20-minute total test time
✦ Instant response
✦ Expert interpretation of results

ProSelect’s founder, Dr. Holcomb, is a
psychologist with extensive business
experience in management and

He earned a PhD in Counseling Psychology,
and Master’s of Public Administration from
the University of Missouri. Dr. Holcomb
also earned an MBA from the University of
Chicago. Dr. Holcomb has published
extensively and held numerous clinical and
executive positions in behavioral health



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